Terms and Conditions

These will be discussed when you first meet your Speech and Language Therapist and a consent form will be completed with you.


Full payment is required at the time of appointment in cash or via internet banking.


24 hour’s notice is appreciated for a cancellation. Please cancel at any time if your child or other family members are sick – you will not be charged for cancellation due to sickness  If your Speech-Language Therapist needs to cancel a session, you will be given as much notice as possible, no charge will be made, and another appointment will be offered as soon as possible. 


If your child’s therapy session is to take place in a school, preschool, kindergarten etc, please let your Speech-Language Therapist know if  your child is absent (e.g. owing to illness or a school trip). 


A parent may withdraw their child from therapy at any time. A week's notice would be appreciated. If Leaping Language NZ is no longer able to provide a service to your child, one week’s notice will be given.  Any agreed sessions not provided, will not be charged for.

Contacting your Speech and Language Therapist

Please feel free to call, text, email or message from 9am – 4.30pm from Monday to Friday. If we cannot respond immediately, we will as soon as possible – usually within 24 hours.

Confidentiality and contact with other people

As part of our work with you and your child we gather information such as your child’s name, address, DOB, place of education, medical and developmental history, and their speech, language and communication skills.  Information shared with your Speech and Language Therapist, will be kept strictly confidential.  Leaping Language NZ will only talk about your child’s speech and language with people you give us explicit permission to (there are two exceptions to this - when information is officially requested by the Court of Law or when there are child protection concerns).

Leaping Language NZ will keep an electronic file for your child. It will be kept for 10 years.  It will be stored securely and confidentially.  You have the right to request information from your child’s file at any time and to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong.   

If your child is also being seen by another Speech and Language Therapist or any other professionals, Leaping Language NZ will inform them of our involvement as instructed by you/if you give your consent. This is recommended as it will enable services and professionals to work together to provide the therapy your child needs and to ensure that conflicting information is not disseminated or assessments undertaken.

Parent Involvement

For young children, It is essential that a parent/carer attends most sessions or speaks with the Speech and Language Therapist following the session.  After the session you will be given ideas, resources and activities to practice with your child to ensure carryover of skills and to increase the effectiveness of therapy.

With teenagers, parent involvement is negotiated. 

It is also really helpful if the Speech and Language Therapist speaks with your child’s teacher and any other key adults (e.g. teaching assistant, after school carer, other family members) so they are aware of what your child is working on and can support this.