Price Guide

These prices are a guide only.  It is recommended you phone for a free consultation to get a clearer idea of what service your child may initially need. 

Please note that prices include not only the time spent with your child but also planning, making resources, paperwork, and travel costs. 

Initial Phone Consultation

Up to 30min long



$100 - $300

Amount of time needed and price varies depending on the age of your child and their needs.
All assessments include taking a case history, discussion with parents and teachers, informal/ formal assessments, with verbal summary and advice.
May include liaison with other professionals as necessary and agreed by you.
May include observation at preschool or school.


You may require an assessment report or progress report about your child’s Speech and Language Skills.

$100 - $200

Therapy Sessions

Length will vary depending on child's age and concentration span.
Can be carried out at the child’s home, kindergarten, preschool or school.  Includes discussion with parent or other adults (e.g. teacher) and resources and activities for further practise.

30 min - $50

45 min - $75

60 min - $100

Home/School Programme

Includes training on how to use the programme, all activities and resources you will need.

$200 - $300


Training staff at your child’s kindergarten, preschool, or school to use strategies, resources, programmes and activities to support your child’s speech and language skills.


Meeting Others

A meeting with  your child’s preschool, kindergarten, school or any other professionals involved to talk through your child's communication skills and programme.

30 min - $50
45 min - $75
60 min - $100