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Are you a parent looking for a private Speech and Language Therapist? Where should you start?!


It can be a big task finding the right private Speech and Language Therapist for your child. This is a service you will pay for, and you will entrust the care of your child's communication skills to your Therapist. You want to make sure you are hiring an appropriately qualified, experienced and reliable person. It can be difficult to really know about the skills and background of a person linked with an independent business.

A good starting point is to go to the New Zealand Speech-Language Therapist's Association (NZSTA) website. The link is below for you. There is a section here giving you tips and information. There is also a list available to you giving you the names of all registered Speech and Language Therapists in your area. If your Speech and Language Therapist is registered with the NZSTA it means:

  • their qualification has been verified.

  • they have shown evidence that they have completed recent professional development and worked an appropriate number of hours in the field recently, i.e. their skills are up to date.

  • they have undergone a police check.

  • they will follow the guidelines and code of ethics set by the NZSTA.

  • they have regular supervision sessions.


Here at Leaping Language, Canterbury NZ, we have two Speech and Language Therapists (Nadine and Kyra) and we are both registered with the NZSTA, undertake ongoing professional development, and have regular supervision sessions. We are always happy to talk to you more about our qualifications and experience, and can provide references.

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