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Children 0 - 4 years

This is an exciting time for speech and language development as your child begins to talk and their personality starts to show through.  It is in these first few years of life that we see the most rapid development of skills as children are busy laying down the foundations of their speech and language skills.  It is vital that communication skills develop at this age as soon children will need to use this foundation of skills to start reading, writing, spelling, learning, socialising and generally making their way in the world.

Service Information

Where can we see your child?

- Home

- Kindergarten

- Preschool

- Home based care

- Any other child care centre

Who needs to be involved?

With young children it is essential that a parent/carer attends all sessions.  At the end of each session you will be given ideas, resources and activities to practise with your child to ensure carryover of skills and to increase the effectiveness of therapy.

It is also really helpful if other key adults who spend a lot of time with your child (e.g. staff at child care centre, kindergarten teachers, grandparents, other family members) get to talk with the Speech and Language Therapist and see some of the ideas and activities your child is working on.

What skills can we help with?

Early communication skills

- Attention skills

- Listening skills

- Eye contact

- Taking turns

- Responding to others

- Play skills related to language development


- Using speech sounds correctly

- Having clear speech that others can understand

- Talking without Stuttering

Language (understanding)

- Understanding instructions

- Understanding words/vocabulary

- Understanding concepts and ideas needed for learning 

   (e.g. colours, numbers, shapes, sizes, location)

- Understanding question words

- Understanding the different ways

   sentences can be made up

Language (talking)

- Using words/vocabulary

- Joining words up to make a range of different sentences

- Using little ‘grammar’ words in sentences (e.g. I, a, the, it, he, she)

- Using language that makes sense to other people

- Giving instructions

- Making comments

- Asking questions

- Answering questions

- Joining in on conversations

- Telling stories

- Talking about what they have been doing

- Telling about their ideas

- Telling what they know

Communication and Social Skills

- Taking turns and joining in with games

- Understanding about rules in games

- Playing alongside and with other children

- Asking and answering social questions 

- Being aware of when to listen to others

- Early self awareness and awareness of other people

- Beginning to learn about other people’s body language 

- Beginning to learn about feelings

Early Literacy Skills

- Awareness of sounds and how they go together to make words

  (phonological awareness skills)

- Matching, sorting and sequencing